About Us

Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 30 was chartered as a Local with the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers in 1913.  In September of 2013 we celebrated our 100th anniversary as a proud affiliate of this International.   

I am sure that when our local began in 1913, the founding members were focused on attaining a decent wage and safe working conditions and never had a thought of this Local Union someday celebrating 100 years as an organization.  In the 100 plus years since that day, there have been many members that have fought for the wages, benefits and working conditions that we now enjoy.  We are proud of, and thankful to, all our past members that have gone before us to establish a reputation of craftsmanship and hard work while fighting for a fair wage and benefit package for our members.  We recognize all the hard work and dedication that these members put forth, and the sacrifices they made to get our local to where it is today. 

Today, our members earn a fair wage and have healthcare benefits, a pension plan, and an annuity plan.  Our members strive to be the best craftsman in the industry and work in partnership with our signatory contractors to continue to be successful in our industry.  Local 30 continues to work hard to be the best trained, safest and most productive workers in the insulation industry.

Our membership install all types of insulation and jacketing materials for the thermal protection of all types of hot and cold mechanical, plumbing, and industrial systems.  Insulation is installed in residential and commercial buildings as well as industrial and manufacturing facilities.   Our members and contractors perform work at all types of facilities such as fossil fuel power plants, nuclear plants, military bases, chemical plants, schools, universities, apartment complexes, food manufacturing, shopping malls and government buildings.  

The members of Local 30 are trained in every aspect of insulation applications and continue to upgrade their techniques and certifications to stay ahead of the changing environment of the construction world.  In addition to training in the application of insulation our members are trained in safety, OSHA 10 and OSHA 30, asbestos abatement, lead abatement, sound proofing, and fire penetration work.

Our International was one of the first in the Building Trades to implement a “Professional Code of Conduct” that ensures our members will strive to the highest level of craftsmanship while also adhering to the rules and conduct that ensure our members will perform their daily work as professionals.  

Local 30 looks forward to serving the insulation needs of New York state for many years to come.  We will continue to strive to have the highest skilled and most productive professional Insulators in the industry.